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Some Useful Hay Day Hack Ideas

Some Useful Hay Day Hack Ideas

Supercell developed Hay Day as an alternative to Facebook-based Farmville. It targets the users of Android or iOS based gadgets. Since its release at the end of 2013, its popularity has even left Farmville behind. However, the more popular it is, the more difficult it is for the gamers to level up. As a result, they need certain cheats and hacks, which are available to reduce the level of difficulty and help the gamers to level up. Even though not all gamers love to use Hay Day hack and cheats, there is no claim that it is an illegal thing. It is a fact that mostly newbie will get those hacks and tricks in order to get better achievements with the game. The options vary based on gamers’ preferences.

Hay Day Hack Faster XP

Basic option of hay day hack is in getting XP or experience faster. Gamers who want to get faster XP can use this hack or cheat. When you are in the state of level 15, you can get or have apple trees and make sure to pick those apples. Each apple to pick will provide you with 7 XP. Gamers can also find apple advertisements within paper and visiting those who have plenty sources of apples. Looking for apples from others’ farm will be useful in achieving more XP. Farmers can shake those apples to get XP reward. These methods can really boost your achievement about XP by simple apples.

Unique Hay Day Hacks

There is unique hay day hack such as cats and dogs. You in fact can buy cats and dogs by using vouchers. You can gain vouchers by completing truck and boat orders. Another method to get vouchers is by harvesting treasure box and crops. Remember, you cannot trade them. Sufficient vouchers can afford a dog or a cat. Before getting any cat or dog, you should build first your cat or doghouse. By completing this, 30 XP will be added. The feeding time is within few hours. The pet usually is used as decorative purpose for the farm.

Finding Missing Crops

Next popular hay day hack is to find missing crops. For some gamers, this is dull and useless. Yet, it is really important in fact. If you run out certain type of crop, you can basically go and visit friends’ farm and select Greg. He is a character who sells certain amount of items in very low price. Sometimes gamers don’t find what they need from Greg. This problem can be solved by looking items from Newspaper and buying everything in bulk, which is in fact cheaper than regular price.

Another popular hay day hack, which is usually used by gamers is wood panels. Wood panels can be found within the treasure chests or you also can buy them by using diamonds. A perfect place for finding wood panels is when you conduct harvesting for your crops. Later, wood panels will just appear around the barn. This is also a method of buying missing crops: if you miss some crops, you can visit your friends’ farm to see any corps they are selling. This game definitely is fun to play with any cheats involved.

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