Hay Day Tips for Beginner

Hay Day Tips for Beginners

Hay Day Tips for Beginners

As one of the most popular free games that have been made available on the Apple App Store, Hay Day has successfully gathered hundreds of players who spend their days tending to their virtual farms. Nevertheless, though the game itself can be downloaded for free, new players could eventually end up spending a small fortune on those sneaky in-game purchases without even realizing it.

Enumerated below are a few key Hay Day cheats to help you get by without spending a dime. These hacks are meant to help beginners get out of those sticky spots where a purchase is seemingly the only way out.

Buy wisely

Ironic as it may seem, making the occasional thoughtful purchase will help you save money in the long run. You will just need to know where to look to find the best deals in the game.

For those occasions where you have run out of any one kind of crop or tool, simply proceed to your friends tab and select Greg’s name. Most often, his wares are priced much lower than anyone else’s items. Therefore, this Hay Day hack will give you the opportunity to buy nearly everything you need in a single roadside shop.

However, if you still cannot find that specific crop that you are lacking, then you can try to visit the farms of your other friends. At least one of their roadside shops will likely yield that missing crop that you need to purchase. Eventually, when you reach level 7, you will also gain access to the newspapers and view the items being put up for sale by other players.

Take advantage of the free items

One of the easy cheats for Hay Day players actually allows you to outsmart the game and get items for free. All you need to do is stock up on wheat crops until you fill up your entire silo. Afterwards, you can plant half of your crops and rotate your tablet or mobile phone. While simultaneously shaking your device and harvesting your wheat, you instantly earn free items.

Another necessary and often expensive item that you can get by using one of the hay day cheats is free wood. Wood is one of the many items that you can find in your friend’s unlocked treasure chests. Likewise, they can also be earned simply by harvesting your own crops.

Earn instant XP

Eventually, when you climb up the ranks and reach level 15, you will be able to plant your own apple trees. These apple trees are a goldmine of XP and picking a single apple already gifts you with 7 XP easily.

Another of the easy hay day cheats that will help you gain XP without breaking a sweat or spending a dime is to look for apple tree advertisements in the papers. Visit the farms of the people who have put up advertisements about apples and pay careful attention to the trees with exclamation points. You can instantly earn XP by simply clicking on those marks. Similarly, crates on the docks which have exclamation points also give you free XP.

Having pet cats or dogs on your farm can also help you earn at least 30 XP at any one time. The downside to this method is the fact that you will have to spend for their housing and food supplies. Nevertheless, their presence will serve as a quick and easy XP source in a pinch.

Blast your way to free diamonds

This last hack will take a bit of work and muscle power, but the rewards will definitely be worth it. Basically, you will have to access your mine shaft and use a few dynamite sticks to blow it up. Diamonds will appear after every few blasts. Additionally, combining your dynamite with some of your metals will yield even more diamonds.

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